Winter Hand Maintenance Tips

As the weather starts to cool down, I start to see common problem among my patients – dry, cracked hands that are often sensitive and painful! This is because in winter, the outside humidity and temperature drops and indoor air becomes a lot drier.  Most people are also washing their hands more frequently or using alcohol based hand sanitizers as flu and cold prevention. As a result, the skin on the hands become dehydrated and parched.  Lines around your cuticles and knuckles can also be the result of dryness.

 The key to beating dry skin is remembering to moisturize often.  Products that contain emollients and humectants are best.  I am a huge fan of moisturizers that contain shea as it acts as a barrier for the skin and really helps to seal in moisture.  I also like to look for products with glycerin and rich hydrating oils such as Coconut Oil to help with hydration.  If your hands are already severely chapped, I suggest using a hydrating overnight treatment with hand gloves.  I recommend carrying a cuticle pen for dry for cracked cuticles like Essie’s The Cuticle Pen or a hand moisturizer like L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Hand Cream.  

Finally, try to stay as hydrated as possible throughout the winter.  We often forget to drink water when we are cold.  Hot water with lemon works too!