The Hands of Time

Never before have there been more ways to turn back the hands of time and reverse signs of aging.  In a world where 50 is the new 30, every day there seems to be a new product or procedure to make us look younger.  But, the focus tends to be on the face and the neck while the hands, the other most visible unclothed area of the body, has been largely ignored.  Women are starting to look unmatched with youthful faces but the hands of a grandmother.  This is mainly because most women are not aware that there are as many cosmetic options for the hands as there are for the face. In this day and age where we live in a “hand-held” world, I have devoted my practice to giving hands the attention they deserve.

No different than wrinkles on a sagging face, hands are a tell tale sign of aging.  Hands begin to age due to volume loss and from excessive UV damage.  As we get older, we begin to see pronounced veins and tendons, brown spots, loss of elasticity, wrinkles and a peau d’orange texture.  Many women are self-conscious by the unsightly appearance of their hands but are unaware that there is anything they can do to change it.

As one of the countries only nail specialists, I am also proud to offer my patients a variety of the most cutting-edge cosmetic procedures for the hand.  Hand recontouring restores volume and stimulates collagen regrowth to the hand.  For this procedure, I inject RADIESSE, an FDA approved volumizing filler, the results of which can last up to a year or longer.  In addition, there are several laser options.  For the removal of brown spots, I use the NdYag laser.  Fraxel, the go-to laser for facial resurfacing, can be used on the hands for a smoother, more even skin texture, to promote collagen regrowth, and to achieve an overall softening of wrinkles.  Regular chemical peels can also be very successful in brightening and evening skin tone and pigment.

The end result…. beautiful, youthful hands that women are no longer embarrassed by, but ready to head to the manicurist to put on a bright, glossy polish that is sure to get their hands noticed.